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Our Specialized Secure Memory Care Neighborhood

 “No two people experiencing cognitive decline are alike. A keystone of our care-giving approach for the new Memory Care is to tailor support to the resident’s stage of life, ensuring their continued dignity, comfort and peace of mind.”

Judy Johnson, Administrator at Amberwoods of Farmington

Willow Way is a specialized secured memory care neighborhood at Amberwoods of Farmington. This beautiful, 60 bed memory care neighborhood is structured to fit the needs of your loved ones.

Willow Way is established with private and semi-private rooms ready to be furnished with your family member’s belongings. You will be astonished by our lovely, enormous room used for dining and entertainment. Residents are properly taking care of by our caring and wonderful dementia trained nursing staff and recreation director.

For inquiries or to schedule a tour please call our Admissions Director at 860.677.1671 – ext .112

A day in Willow Way

Time  – Activity

08:30am – Breakfast
09:30am – Montessori Stations: Setup 4-6 Stations for Residents to Explore.
10:30am – Small Group Program – Montessori Stations Continue.
11:30am – Clean Up, Lunch Setup, Therapeutic Handwashing
12:15pm – Lunch
01:15pm – Quiet Time, Naps, Different Montessori Stations, 1:1 Visits, Rosary on Thursdays.
02:00pm – Once a Week Large Group, Whole House Program such as Entertainment or Parties to be held on unit, Higher Functioning Residents may be invited to programs off unit as appropriate, Small Group programs/Montessori Stations Continue.
03:00pm – When there’s no whole house program at 2pm, there will be a large group program on unit at 3pm..to be held outdoors during nice weather.
04:00pm – Concurrent small groups or 1:1s
04:45pm – Clean Up, Supper Setup, Therapeutic Handwashing.
05:15pm – Supper
06:00pm – Small Group Program, Invited to off Unit programs as appropriate (karaoke or bingo).
07:00pm – Appropriate Music/Television/Movies and Montessori Stations, Bedtime.

*Montessori Stations are appropriate for small groups, failure free activities, and activities the residents can handle*